Glass masters
Mario Furlan

Being able to see is important, but for a master glassmaker, drawing is also essential: it is one of the ways that things are known, an indispensable passage for the artistic creation.

There is an inextricable bond between thought, art and drawing, a bond that Mario Furlan, the son and student of the Glass Master Walter, knows full well.


Following an apprenticeship that has allowed him to master both hot and cold workings with equal adeptness, Mario Furlan has made glass sculptures his stylistic hallmark. Every single piece of art is an interpretation and therefore it is always one of a kind.

His partnership with the painter Luigi Voltolina, whose works he has been magnificently interpreting for more than 15 years now, is important.

Glass Masters


When visiting the Venier glassworks you have the sensation of being in an ancient renaissance workshop where the ceaseless work is intertwined with the masters’ creativity, with knowledge of the materials, with rigor, with the desires of noble ladies and patrons, and with the reverent obedience of the assistants.

The Master Glassmakers are undoubtedly the key figures. From a very early age (10-12 years), they have shared their existence with the incandescent glow of glass: the experience and traditions of centuries live in them, renewed through the specialization in few, if not in only one, work process for which they are known and held in high esteem: there is he who as a matter of fact is the master in lamps, he who is the master in sculptures, he who is the master in vases … and they have gained a renown that has even reached important Heads of State and their works are displayed in the most famous museums of the world.

Vetreria Venier

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