Vetreria Venier
Masterclass of glass



The glass school in our furnace allows you to see first-hand, alongside the most important Masters of Glassmakers, the ancient art of glass processing, of which the Vetreria Venier is today one of the most authentic and important performers in all of Murano.


Our furnace is in fact the largest and most equipped of the island. High-tech and safety ovens can reach a temperature of 1500 °C, ideal for forging works of the highest quality.


SCHEDULE (duration 1 hour and a half)


• Arrival at the Vetreria with water taxis.

• Coffee or welcome cocktail (depending on the time).

• Meeting with the Master Glassmaker who presents the furnace and the tools used.

• Practical demonstration of how glass is worked.

• Processing test. Guests will create a glass object, under the guidance of the master

• To follow: visit to the Venier Gallery and to the works that have made the history of Murano glass. Visitors can admire the historic horses, clowns, mirrors and fine chandeliers. The tour also gives the opportunity to admire the sculptures of contemporary art born from the collaboration in the past years of master glassmakers with important international artists such as Picasso and Braque. There will be historical collector's items or glasses that have made their appearance in films and historical paintings.

• At the end of the lesson guests will receive a certificate of participation.

• After 24 hours, the object will be delivered at the hotel where the guests are staying.


The course is open to all: adults and children from 7 years.



- € 700.00 (up to a maximum of 4 people)

- € 150,00 (for each additional people)

The Masterclass of class can have a maximum of n.6 people.


More information: – Tel. + 39 041 73 6000





Why glass is worked on Murano

The art of glass was formally born in 1271. It is an ancient art. Initially it was done in Venice. Then, due to the devastating fires caused by the kilns, the Maggior Consiglio of Venezia, decreed the displacement of all the shops on the island of Murano which thus became the place of choice for glass processing.


The Venier furnace

The furnace has several ovens inside it: those for glass processing, ovens for cooling called "muffles" and ovens for heating with plates. Every object needs its oven (if you make a chandelier, a sculpture or a glass the master glassmaker works on different ovens).


The tools used

The tools that glass masters use to manipulate glass have remained unchanged over the centuries. It is still used today the "ferro sbuso" or barrel which is the main tool for working glass: a metal tube where the glass bolus is placed inside the oven and then blows. Then there are the "bronzino" to shape the glass, the pliers, the tagiante (a sort of scissor to cut) and the pontoon.


The glass Masters

A furnace is like an ancient Renaissance workshop: the work is incessant. The creativity of the masters is intertwined with the knowledge of the materials, the tools, with the desire of the customers and with the obedience of the assistants of the master glassmakers. The experience of centuries of history lives on in the glass masters. Their works are now placed in important museums and at the offices of Heads of State.



Masterclass of glass (359 kB)